[H-Game][111028][スペルマニアックス] せきさば!~私立せきがはら学園女子サバイバルゲーム部~[4.43Gb][5Parts] + Crack

Free download せきさば!~私立せきがはら学園女子サバイバルゲーム部~



Release: 2011年10月28日
File size: 4.43GB
Title: せきさば!~私立せきがはら学園女子サバイバルゲーム部~
Company: スペルマニアックス

Links download:

(You can download part1 from filesonic,part2 from fileserve,…)

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Links filesonic part4
Links filesonic part5

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Links fileserve part4
Links fileserve part5

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Links wupload part3
Links wupload part4
Links wupload part5

Links filejungle part1
Links filejungle part2
Links filejungle part3
Links filejungle part4
Links filejungle part5

Links uploadstation part1
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Links uploadstation part3
Links uploadstation part4
Links uploadstation part5





  1. Excuse me, when I start the game, it´s say something like these:


    ファイル : first.ks 行 : 90

    タグ : loadplugin ( ← エラーの発生した前後のタグを示している場合もあります )

    ANSI 文字列を UNICODE 文字列に変換できません。現在のコードページで解釈できない文字が含まれてます。正しいデータが指定されているかを確認してください。データが破損している可能性もあります

    Like a plugin failed, the system´s language its on japanese… I can play all the others games

    Hope you can help me

  2. I know it’s been a long time since it was posted, but I just had this same problem with an Atelier Sakura Game. So I’ll post here my solution in case someone else gets it and google for an answer.

    This problem means the exe can’t load the plugins it needs for its game, usually you have them, it’s just the game is looking into the wrong path.
    In my case, the plugins were in a directory called plugins, and the problem was solved by moving those files into the main directory of the game.

    I hope it can help someone.

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