About Uploaded.to (Ul.to) Premium

About Uploaded.to (Ul.to) Premium
Because of the previous special offer which gives extra 50% duration of premium, when you extend the premium, our affiliate information is lost from your account.
It is likely to be intentional by the provider. For you, the user, there is no problem at all. You can continue to use your account.
If you intend to extend your account. Instead of extending it, it will be better for us, if you register a new account.

Whether you used premium, free or torrent download, thank you for downloading from us.

Correct method of purchasing premium (Same for all file hosters)
1. Delete the cookie related to the file hoster
2. Open any working download link from hentai4daily.com/
(If you encounter file that shows 404 or is deleted, please restart the procedure from 1.)
3. In the download page, click “Premium Download”
4. Follow the instruction to create a new account

Thanks for support!

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