Request – Dead Links: comment here plz.

Hi All.

Thanks for visit

All problem about request game, anime, hcg and notice dead links comment me here, plz.

Premium account, please purchase from the download link.

Thanks. Have a nice day.


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  1. maybe you can sticky this thread so people can see it? Just a suggestion 🙄

  2. Hi thank you for all the uploads so far. I’m wondering if there is any chance that this audio works will ever gets a free upload?

    It’s been quite a while since the first time I request this game (I post as Anonymous back then), hope you don’t mind about i re-post for couple of times because i thought you missed it.


  3. Hello, thanks for al the uploads ^^ Is there a possibility you could get the first two doujins that are shown on semahiro’s site ?

    His stuff is so hard to get >.<

  4. hi~ I am a premium user of Rapidgator, and I like to PM you my account, how and where can I do that?

  5. Hi thank you for all the uploads so far.
    Could you please upload the audio of this link.

    Thanks.have a nice day!

  6. I’d like to request
    Thank you for all the uploads

  7. Another request, thanks!
    Idle Fancy 淫獣くまたんの幻影vol.01

  8. Dead Link.

    can u by any chance reupload this? its [110926] EXSEED 06, ITOKONOAKIRA, 催眠一眼レフカメラ, Jereheim Garden モノクロームコレクション Vol.12 パイズリ射精地獄, 闇は凌辱する (5cg)

  9. Can I make a request?
    Thank you for all the uploads.

  10. RJ102897 [121016] [ベルゼブブ] 合体!もののけ村!!

  11. request for [gotonatural]レ○ドリボンの拷問! 捕獲されたドラゴ○レーダーを持ち強気少女ブ○マ
    thank you very much

  12. and this :SUPER SQUEEZER VOL.03 -急-
    thousands of appreciation!

  13. can you upload every games of システム4-5-1??
    every games of システム4-5-1 as possible.
    i can’t find any link to download them on internet except ベア子いじり RJ072338. this shit is too hard to play. and other japanese don’t like this one. anyways please help me…….

  14. The world will end in two months! Please have more hentai for download so I can die happily!!! 😆 😆

      • Yes, didn’t you know that Mayan already predicted that the world will end on December 21st of 2012 or maybe because they ran out of the time period and something new is supposed to start, like the English calender? 🙄 But hey you never know! The earth might be collided by another huge heavenly object or maybe the a huge Solar Flare will engulf earth, like it did in Knowing by Nicolas Cage. Whatever the case maybe, I am not risking my Hentai addiction so upload more hentai please before I die!! 😆

  15. I seaching for the new RJ102897 [121016] [ベルゼブブ] 合体!もののけ村!!. Is a new game and hard to find. Here is the Promo . Tks a loot some one find tis.

  16. Hi,

    i would like to request this game please

    Thanks for all the great stuff, i always download and buy premium from here =)

  17. thankyou for this

    And Please upload this voice.

    It’ll be comingsoon

  18. i see you got some Blackadder comics can you find:
    The Royal Family
    Dickgirls 02
    I have:
    Dickgirls 01
    Gisella Moretti The Hole
    Monster Sex 1-6
    The Office
    The Photo Shoot
    if you need them??


    its loli so i cant find it in forum..
    can u share it?

  20. Could you please upload bitshare or uploaded?

  21. when you find could you please upload it on ul?

  22. Hi.
    first of all, i’m really thx to your woks.
    and sorry but could you upload
    me and my friends are really finding this

  23. Hi
    first, thanks for all your works.
    sorry to request like this, but me and my friends are finding
    could you upload this, please?

  24. Hello,
    Thank you for all the works you have given us!
    Would you consider uploading this please?
    Thanks again

  25. request for スク水痴漢電車RPG~JK捕獲大作戦!~ plz
    thanks for ur hard work

  26. 剣持先生と犬飼君/るみちゃん先生とキモい男子 ~甚六パラダイス~

    this please. Happy new year!

  27. please upload newer version.
    older version has bugs which story advance is impossible.


    thank for uploads

  28. Hi, THANKS a lot for the uploaded games!

    I’d like to suggest what seems to be a very nice game: “Parent And Child’s Secret”
    It will be available on Feb 22nd 2013

  29. Hi I found this nice looking game maybe you can give me a link 😳


    thank you very much :mrgreen:

  30. This was just released so I’m requesting it (since you’ve uploaded all 3 previous ones)

  31. please upload this.
    wrong file is uploading in another site 😥

  32. Could you please try to get the complete or most of the works of the following circle?
    When yes could you please upload it so that it can also be ddl on ul?

  33. Wow WTF happened to new contents????!!! 😯 😯 Why is it so slow now a day? Did something happen? I would really have this uploaded please:

  34. Latest Mystery World was just released so I’m requesting it

  35. figpeachソフトウエア]ヴァーチャルナース

    Jesus savior! help me for those hentai voice!


    this is best hentai video for this month. upload it please

  37. Why is this password protected? Anyone knows the password?

  38. Can you please make sure to provide passwords so we don’t have to ask for it everytime?

    Missing password for this:同人ソフト-130609-seismic-あままみ3/

  39. i think this site is almost dead. he uploads only few what he likes.

  40. B-bishop]心無き機械人形の最凶快楽遊戯

    can you upload this as free link please? all files on internet are fake.

  41. this site is almost dead. anyone tell me another site please…

  42. ラス委員長ちゃんは策士だった! マゾ男くんが味わう亀頭イジメと淫語責め

  43. ラス委員長ちゃんは策士だった! マゾ男くんが味わう亀頭イジメと淫語責め



    every files i found on internet are fake. please help me..

  45. Looking for more doujin by 空冷式頭脳

  46. request for
    みずぎ姉妹 エロエロ×ツンツン×ヘンタイ

  47. I love You taekmkm for Unholy Sanctuary

    Heal Yeaaah 😈

  48. Thank you for your nice site 😀

    But please upload this nice Game again.

    Hanachiru Miyako to Ryuu no Miko

    Thank you very much 😳

  49. Any chance for [Scorpion] Virgin Fighter Training – Workout 1 ?


  50. b-bishop 心無き機械人形 origin

  51. Request!


  52. [130419] [ILLUSION] プレミアムスタジオPro 初回版 + DLC + Naked Set + Pubic Hair Set + Wallpaper
    bitshare pt 1, pt 3, pt 4 link dead

  53. [M-O]魔少女~M男絶頂地獄~

    [B-bishop]心無き機械人形 the origin

    will you upload this as free link please?
    all files on internet are fake.

  54. B-bishop]心無き機械人形の最凶快楽遊戯

    upgrade this shit!

    or i will explode this site

  55. *upload B-bishop]心無き機械人形の最凶快楽遊戯

    or i will explode this site

  56. file password bdtrysb

  57. you just deleted the file imafo. why didnt you delete the comment i typed password of it?

  58. could you please reupload this game for the “RG”

    “[130927][戯画] バルドスカイ ゼロ 初回版 + Pre-Order + First Edition + Sofmap Bonus + Update”

    All of the links are already dead

  59. Hello, could you please. Upload these two games,

    I ask this of you because I first went to a site called and thought it was yours, the layout is exactly the same. I downloaded what I thought to be both games from that site. Both were fake, could you please upload the real games. This is very much appreciated by me and everyone else who got fucked over. Thank you kindly

  60. request

  61. Helo. Can you upload the updated version of this game?
    The version you have upload b4 is the old version which got tons of bug.

    TQ very much. 🙂

  62. request

  63. Hello,
    I tring to download
    (同人ソフト) [130417] [studioGGB] 落淫の花嫁

    but all the link of file part3 is can find a file.
    is it possible to upload again?

    thank you

  64. request
    [B-bishop]心無き機械人形のオナニーサポート2 前作互換セット付属

  65. request
    さとり様とあそぼっ ~催淫遊戯空間~

  66. request
    [けだもの監獄島] レミフラ☆パイ

    Every link I could find was dead, no torrents available, don’t think this was ever posted here, TIA!

  67. please
    [B-bishop]最低ビッチのお金稼ぎ 偏愛的な彼女の罠

  68. Requesting

    Only available ones we’re password protected or fake.
    Please and thank you

  69. Request!


  70. Request for Final Chapter

    The translation of English is Complete


  71. Hello, could you please. Upload these eight files,

    I ask this of you because I first went to a site called and thought it was yours, the layout is exactly the same. I downloaded what I thought to be both games from that site. Both were fake, could you please upload the real games. This is very much appreciated by me and everyone else who got fucked over. Please and thank you kindly.

  72. (同人ソフト) [121118] [らくがき帝国] いもに 😥

    Inner Heaven ~アンドロギュノスの夢 [VOICEFACTORY


  74. Hey!

    Thanks for everything here 😉 but can you please get some last site rip of and especially akabur. Thanks a lot

  75. could you please reupload this video again for RG?? THX!!

  76. can you upload this game again please? i was looking for but now that i find it…, is broken 華麗に悩殺♪ くのいちがイク! ~桃色ハレンチ忍法帳~


  77. Request:
    RJ127747 [やせうまロール] 短編変愛物語 変態パズル

  78. Could you please fix the broken links of RJ099657?
    Due to its size, the game seems to have disappeared from everywhere.

    And if you still have it, can you upload Bug Island?

  79. request for ソードアート・マージャン


    this one please, gotten the other 3 off your site before and hoping that you’re able to get this one too.

  81. I’d like to request this:

    It’s got animation and pregnancy. Good stuff =o

  82. Please re-up third part for ryushare! The first two work fine!

  83. i bet u gonna get it either way
    and thank you for your work and keep it up 🙂

  84. Hi
    Could you pls reupload the files for Monmusu Quest 3 on BitShare?
    some Data seems to be missing and can’t be read ^^
    thanks for all you hard work (^.^)/)

  85. Can you please put the Categories on the titles like before? Like (同人ソフト) for doujin games, etc

  86. [140223][スタンドエレクション]おねショタ陵辱病棟~女医とナースに搾り取られた少年たち~

    please this

  87. Dead links.システム4-5-1-h-game-collection-6g/

    Ryushare Bitshare and ShareFlare links on page are dead.

  88. requesting:
    [ナイトホーク]ストッピング!!!8 セクシーボディ探検隊

  89. Is there any chance for you to upload this game please ?

    I just discovered this recently and by now most of the download links around are dead already.

    Thank you very much for your generosity ! 🙂

  90. Hello

    Would like to request this please.

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

  91. Request
    Hi i hoped you can upload survivor sarah 2 when it comes out (english version)
    Grettings Candiru

  92. great work as always , but i already got but either it wont work for me or the file is broken idk , i cant use the setup there is always a gibberish error ….. and btw why is it so hard to find harthnir’s games ?

  93. To admin:
    Ryushare is back,would you use it to upload?

  94. 注ぎ込む 中出しピュッピュッピュッ~!

    please when?

  95. Since I cannot find this anywhere yet, I humbly request for this:

  96. I would like to request this one:

    リナと願いのクリスタル (Crystal wishes and Rina)?
    RJ136604 (312.92MB)

  97. 魔ヲ孕ム女王~淫辱に堕ちたメスの肉体~

  98. I would like to request a re-upload of this old post:

    (同人CG集) [居酒屋よっちゃん] 居酒屋よっちゃん 2010-2012/10/20 (9CG)

    All links are down. Can you please re-upload download links?

  99. DreamComeTrue2046

    Could you like to re-upload the files of this post? Thanks 😛

  100. Hi, I wonder if you can get this one, I tried over 3 months…

  101. Requesting:
    淫語なおさななじみ03 初めて恋した幼なじみと20年後にイチャコラれろちゅぱ
    淫語なおさななじみ04 親友と初体験 【親友のおっぱい。リライト】

    in dlsite:

  102. good work , would love to get asap , looking foorward to your work and especially waiting for this , gl 🙂

  103. Can you please reupload 俺の娘 by Studio 3.14?

    All links are dead. Thank you in advance.

  104. Thanks for all your amazing work so far !
    It will be very kind of you if you could re-upload this please ?

  105. Thanks for all your amazing work so far !
    It will be very kind of you if you could re-upload this please ?

  106. I think we need another post “new product request”
    this post should be commented “dead links reupload”.

  107. Still no news of @OZ 3D?


    RJ140443 (ニィファのドキドキ☆ゆるライフ)

    Been scavenging the web for this, couldn’t find a single link.

    Thanks in advance!

  109. Can you guys get this one is a bit old and i couldn´t find it (soory for my bad english)= -堕ちモノRPG- 聖騎士ルヴィリアス

  110. Hello. Can you reupload this?
    This was from 2 years back and I dont know if you still have it. I have both rapidgator or upload premium if you can reupload it from there.

  111. By the way could you also update this…
    THX a lot…

  112. hey there ! always checking out this site and would love to get a working dl for im hoping ! see ya


    Please update to version 1.5
    From google translate it says there is a new scene

    Thank You

  114. Requesting:
    [T.O.P.] 著作権フリー立ちキャラクター素材集vol.3
    [T.O.P.] 著作権フリー立ちキャラクター素材集vol.5

  115. The link for this ブルゲLIGHT has been deleted.
    Can you please reupload these game?
    I think all the link for the game has been deleted. I try about first five all ha been deleted.
    Please reupload these games…Thanks.

  116. Requesting
    淫語なおさななじみ04 親友と初体験

    淫語な初えっち00 おとなりの日焼け娘にオモチャにされる。妻の前で。

    淫語なおさななじみ03 初めて恋した幼なじみと20年後にイチャコラれろちゅぱ

  117. oh my what a lovely audio, think you could try to get it pls?

  118. what the heck? you advertise uploaded yet for the newer stuff no uploaded link

  119. hey there , looking for 2days for this game checked a few dl and they’re all fake…. hope youll get a confirmed working dl , as always i appreciate your work !

  120. Request: MILFTOON BEACH V401

    big thanks ;>


    Version 1.04 with 3 new animation is out

    Thank You~

  122. hey there ! would love to play the new Usagi game
    the dl’s which i found was fake 🙁 imma hope ill see it here soon! until then , good luck and keep it up!

  123. 女戦士監禁II + Uncensored Patch

    Uncensored Patch.rar

    Passwords, pleas.

  124. Requesting
    Please Please Please
    And Thanks

  125. May I request Haruka (遥) 4? It is very new, so I can’t find it yet.

    Thanks so much for uploading as always!

  126. upload Zone Archive Rip please

  127. Do you have the english version of Double Soft Cream’s Suima? If you do, can you please upload it?

  128. Could you reupload RJ107302 please?

  129. 魔ヲ孕ム女王~淫辱に堕ちたメスの肉体~
    RJ110134. Could you reupload a playable one, please?

  130. Hello! Thanks for all of your work.
    Just wondering if 侵蝕-零- ~淫魔の生贄~ can be uploaded.

  131. Could you upload this game (new version 1.55)? I can’t fine newest version.

  132. パンチラde誘惑彼女 ~機種変したいんです編~

  133. パンチラde誘惑彼女 ~機種変したいんです編~

  134. Any of the @oz works

  135. hi can i have RJ089642 please

  136. I would definitely like to see this on the site 🙂

  137. please re-up this

  138. request for ハメ撮り実況中継!兄妹初エッチ12時間

  139. hi, you’ve changed using the uploader, only rapidgator and uploadble.
    Won’t you use Uploaded?
    I wanna it too. thanks.

  140. i request this one
    GG Quatre Vol. 5: White Milk Dream

  141. re-up please

  142. request



    不機嫌ないちごちゃん -ゲームセンターのあのこたち-

    はだかのめがみさま -ゲームセンターのあのこたち-

  143. request

    不機嫌ないちごちゃん -ゲームセンターのあのこたち-
    はだかのめがみさま -ゲームセンターのあのこたち-

  144. request

    「無量大数」がきびっち 4つ巴!
    with NOVEL!! please!!
    「さくらぷりん」姉発情期 -ウソ!わたし弟に堕とされちゃう!?-
    with novel if u can! (just if you can!)
    「さくらぷりん」妹発情期 -お兄ちゃん、私もう我慢できない-
    with novel if u can! (just if you can!)

  145. Can you upload the latest version of the following? Thanks

  146. 三月精のちょっとHなドキドキ体験入学
    tri-k soft

  147. Hey you think you could get the uncensored versions of Inyouchuu Etsu from these sites?

    They also have Jiburiru the Devil Angel 3 uncesored and maybe a few other uncesored versions.

    Thanks a lot

  148. Hi!

    Can you reupload this old one, please? Thanks in advance!


  149. This is NTR RPG Game! I have played this author’s previous NTR RPG! It is very great! I’d wish that somebody upload… please thanks

  150. Offical webpage said that he already update to V1.2
    Please someone update this game~~~ :mrgreen:

  151. Can you upload the updated/1.10 version of

  152. I would like to request this:
    Thanks in advance.

    This game is updated to ver 3.0! This main pic is adding lots of new pics there! Hoping someone upload this update 3.0! Thanks

  154. Can you upload this game?


  155. can re-upload these 2 games?

    淫魔☆ハウス and ロリ魔王伝説――ロリっ娘☆脱衣RPG2

  156. Can you upload these 2 old games?

    ロリを脱がすRPG and エロセウム2—闘技場に散る乙女たち—Ver1.0

  157. Please , Requesting this

    Interesting 3D Fighting

  158. Any way you guys could get your hands on this? 😀

  159. Request your immediate help captain!

  160. Please reupload this.

  161. If there is a chance I Would like you to upload this Audio
    And thanks for all the content you have already uploaded! 🙂

  162. Some comments appear to have been deleted down here. Did something happen?

  163. Dear all, Web server is down, and all post and comment in 11 month and 12 month is lost. Re-conmment it in here.

  164. Please re-upload 151127-clockup-maggot-baits-update-1-02

  165. Could you get these (same circle)? (re-commenting from loss)

    And, thank you for all the uploads!


    Please re-up.
    Thank you.

    Do you have other things from ぬぬぬぬ工場?

  167. I’ve been looking for


    for months. Could you find it in your heart to get them on here?

  168. i want to request on this doujin game thank you

  169. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

  170. You have this admin , i seach for years

  171. Can we get [150527][HO Works] 回転切りの new version (v2.1.9) ?

  172. Requesting anything new on this list plz XD

  173. can I get RJ163433 ?? I can’t find it anywhere 🙁

  174. first thanks for all uploaded~
    and i one request~
    i want AVH update version. can you upload this?

  175. Please ignore my earlier request for a re-upload.

    I’d like to request the following:

    [160514][RJ176920] あの日であった女子校生

    DLsite (JPN):

    DLsite (ENG):

    This is a new game which was released ~2 weeks ago.

  176. slippery slappers

    Hey ADT (A Third Dimension) just released something new, appears to be remastered collection of their pixiv works and a preview of their current project:

  177. (Request)[151127][Nomad] 今夜、妻が父に抱かれます…

  178. slippery slappers

    Dendendou just released a new one (request):

  179. Would like to have this one, I’m waiting 2 weeks since it came out and still no one took this:

    I would appreciate any effort you put into this. Thank you very much in advance, admin! 🙂

  180. I’m looking for RJ145939, The Secret of the Princess of Rujou ver 1.33

  181. dead link is here, i hope understande too much long comment.

    its reupload comment.

  182. Im looking for games\comics of Adams Apple [url]hxxp://[/url]


  183. (同人ソフト)[130411][平安亭] P☆A会長は好きですか?~傲慢セレブ妻へのセックス指導~


    Can you upload this game? please~~ this game is update to Ver.2 now

  185. Can you please upload RJ173316? Thank you!

  186. Can you reupload RJ02375?
    Thank you!

  187. Can you reupload RJ023758?
    Thank you!

  188. Hi! Links down for 夢見月の湯宿その2 (RJ185155), can you re-upload please? and thanks.