[H-Game][111014][M de PINK] しすたー・すきーむ2HD + Crack

Free download しすたー・すきーむ2HD



Release: 2011年10月14日
File size: 3.86GB
Title: しすたー・すきーむ2HD
Company: M de PINK

Links download:

(You can download part1 from filesonic,part2 from fileserve,…)

Links filesonic part1
Links filesonic part2
Links filesonic part3
Links filesonic part4
Links filesonic part5
Links filesonic part6
Links filesonic part7
Links filesonic part8
Links filesonic part9

Links fileserve part1
Links fileserve part2
Links fileserve part3
Links fileserve part4
Links fileserve part5
Links fileserve part6
Links fileserve part7
Links fileserve part8
Links fileserve part9

Links wupload part1
Links wupload part2
Links wupload part3
Links wupload part4
Links wupload part5
Links wupload part6
Links wupload part7
Links wupload part8
Links wupload part9

Links filejungle part1
Links filejungle part2
Links filejungle part3
Links filejungle part4
Links filejungle part5
Links filejungle part6
Links filejungle part7
Links filejungle part8
Links filejungle part9

Links uploadstation part1
Links uploadstation part2
Links uploadstation part3
Links uploadstation part4
Links uploadstation part5
Links uploadstation part6
Links uploadstation part7
Links uploadstation part8
Links uploadstation part9





  1. Hello,

    Can I play this game if I don’t understand Japanese?

    is it in English?


  2. hi
    how do I get it to run?
    or rather, where is the crack?

    when I extract it … and click on sische2HD.exe
    it asks me to enter a serial number

    plz help


  3. Hi there again,

    can you help me on how to install this game?
    I have Vista 64 English.


    • Sorry but I Think This game not run in Win 64bit. But you can try:
      1. Japanese locale: Make sure you have your system locale set to Japanese
      Go to Start>Control Panel
      Go to Regional Settings>Change keyboard and other input languages.
      Now go to Administrative, look where it says Software with Non-Unicode language.
      Click on Change Regional System Settings.
      Change it to Japanese.
      Click Done and it should promt you for restart. @@
      2. Extraction: Extract them using WinRAR
      3. Mounting: Use your virtual disc emulation software of choice to mount the image file (.mdf, .iso, etc.) extracted from the package (Daemon Tools as an example)
      4. Installation.
      Hope It’s run 😀

  4. could you please reupload this game
    I really like this game!!

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