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Recently our’s links are often deleted without any inform. Many links which have just been uploaded are then deleted immediately though we have changed md5 for files. We found out that MPAA are restricting their service, making strictly control on file management.

We suggest that you shouldn’t purchase premium account from because their future is still unknown, we’re not sure if they will follow filesonic or fileserve, deleting files and closing their service.

Thanks, have a nice day

Note: My depositFiles’s acc have been blocked.

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  1. Oh my god !! thats bad i just paid my account 5 days ago ! >.< dammit

  2. So what hosting service site do you recommend and that you will stick with, preferably favorable to American users?

  3. Thanks for the shares, but can you use .zip instead of .rar for the RJ* files? I keep extracting files with weird filenames instead of the normal japanese characters. it’s hard to tell what i’m looking at.

    • Been supporting your site for a while now. I’m not sure why but a lot of the folder names are corrupted now, even missing content because of it. Can you just include the original zips instead?

  4. Sorry, I’ll fixed it.
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. ShareFlare and Letitbit always said file not found and Turbobit is not available for US users, which only Rapidgator is available for me, but this site is not very stable.

    Will there be any new site to replace Depositfiles which you will be using that we should get the premium ac?

  6. I am come from Asia which supporting your site for a while now. Stop sharing Depositfiles is quite inconivenience ,can you change the Depositfiles to mediafire?

  7. Sorry but I can’t change the Depositfiles to mediafire because We need 850$ per month to maintain the servers as well as make a living.
    Hope you can understand and please keep supporting us, thanks.

  8. After seeing your announcement, I went to four other sites which were sharing the same doujinshi and hentai game files – all of them had live depositfiles links for those files.

    I have appreciated your sharing service, but don’t understand why your links are having problems and not other link sharing sites. I happen to have a depositfiles premium service and it has been good for me since the megaupload takedown.

  9. “menoyou”
    Maybe depositfile decide to put sites down based on how much traffic which site has.Just other file locker out there. MPAA was just a boost to boot people out thier paylist.

  10. I’m still getting same problem, taekmkm. I always try to support your site and I give download for every upload you do, but when I unpack .rar file I get corrupted file names. This is the only site I go to for this, but also because you didn’t repack files until recently. I want to continue supporting you, but now that DF is dropped can you provide files like before in their original zip form (still original zip inside a [120x0x].rar is fine)?

  11. Thanks for support. i have some problem with japan text. and i try to fix it. Can you have ideal with problem? :((
    I use Lhasa soft to Extract the file but seem all file alway break japan text. why???

    • I’m almost sure just having japanese language installed would work. Also maybe try 7zip, but I’m sure it’s japanese language installed on your operating system. Thanks for caring!

  12. L: The sites I see still using depositfiles do not seem low-hit game/doujinshi-sharing sites to me. Maybe this site’s links are being shared by other people and it got too much attention. I don’t know.

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