Kiss the Coøck [Visual Novel, English]

Download Kiss the Coøck

Title: Kiss the Coøck
Developer: M.T.D.G.
Publisher: M.T.D.G.
Language: English
Release: 2016/01/18
File size: 132MB

You are a rich world famous gourmet and you also teach in a really strict exclusive cooking course. Life is good and all, but your new girlfriend has left you again, for the same damn reason: your semen has a terrible taste. It happened so many times before that in frustration, seeing a falling star, you wish for your seed to be delicious.
The next day, you wake up realizing that your wish has been granted and that your semen turned into addictive white chocolate. It’s seems the best occasion to get your revenge on the women-kind picking on the girls you teach for.

Lilyana (the cutie chick)
A very diligent and talented girl who can make fresh fruit appear out of thin air. She’s your biggest fan and has a secret crush on you.

Luan (the spooky chick)
An odd but exceptional cook specialized in the preparation of offal based dishes. She has huge boobs but is very creepy and can evoke spirits from Hell and below.

Izar (the blondie chick)
A strange new student, appeared from nowhere. But you don’t care, since she plays along your dirty deeds and that’s all you need.

1. No need to install.
!!! Before anyone start complaining, yes, the game is free. If you liked it, you can support the developer on the official site of the game: HERE

Download Here :


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